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Focusing on youth training, the Caribbean Youth Fellowship Program has begun

por | Mar 10, 2022 | Eventos

The course, launched by the Center for Analysis for Public Policy (CAPP) together with the International Republican Institute (IRI), seeks to educate and train 100 young people from the Caribbean in leadership.

The new training program «Caribbean Youth Fellowship» has already started its meetings. 100 young people from the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Belize, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago are participating in these meetings, seeking to train and acquire leadership skills to be part of transformation processes in their communities.

During the development of the course, tools will be provided for the creation of public policies that are useful for their countries, identifying actors and their links and visualizing local and regional challenges.

There will be 16 classes, during 4 months, delivered by top-level experts with vast experience in governance, public-private alliances, communication, and civil society organizations. Among them, some of the following stand out Delreo Newman (Senior advisor at ATN – Communications & Systems); Issa Kort (Permanent Representative of Chile to the Organization of American States); Agustín Porres (Director Regional Latam Fundación Varkey); Ana Carolina González (Counselor. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of the Dominican Republic in the US); Leopoldo Martínez (Joe Biden’s nominee for Executive Director of the InterAmerican Development Bank); Catherine Piña (Executive Director, Business Initiative for Technical Education); Raphael Heffron (UWI St Augustine Dean of Faculty of Law – Professor in Global Energy Law & Sustainability); Julieta Gómez (Master of Public Administration, School of Public Affairs); Ramiro López Ghio (Country Representative at Inter-American Development Bank Group); Arturo Muente Kunigami (ICT Policy Specialist); Gastón Ocampo (Director Institute for the Promotion of Latin America); Aaron Schumacher (Research Director for the Defense Innovation Board); Patricia Portela (Rector of the Center for Financial Studies); Joseph Harold Pierre (Expert in macroeconomics, public policy, public finance, State reform and modernization); Mario Pujols (Center for Public Policy Analysis Chairman. Specialized in governmental affairs); César Dargam (Executive Vice President of the National Council of Private Enterprise).

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